The Volunteers Program

Volunteer Canada reports Canadians give a total of two billion hours each year, the equivalent of 1 million full-time jobs. 

"Service to others is the payment you make for your space here on earth." - Mohammed Ali

We have an active volunteer program and are always looking for new, enthusiastic volunteers to add to our roster! We invite you to come and learn what we can offer you and we would love to learn about your skills and interests. One goal of our volunteer program is to help our military family members integrate in the community by meeting new friends, discovering great services and programs, and developing skills while looking for employment. The MFRC can also help high school students to meet the requirement for 40 hours of Community Involvement, either with volunteering at the MFRC or connecting students with other volunteer opportunities in the community.

Make Your Time Count

  • Find an organization or project that matters to you personally.
  • Assess your interests and skills. What will you enjoy doing?
  • Decide how much time you have available while still meeting your personal needs and the needs of your family.
  • If you want more time with your partner or children, find a volunteer opportunity where you can work together.
  • Feel comfortable talking with the volunteer manager; communicate any suggestions or concerns to her/him.
  • Enjoy and benefit from your volunteer experience! There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. Find one that fits you and your lifestyle and leaves you feeling satisfied and valuable. This may mean trying a few before settling on one.

For more information on this program or to register as a volunteer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

  • (613) 392-2811 ext. 3557
  • kate.b@trentonmfrc.ca

Volunteer Opportunities

MFRC Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer program at the Trenton MFRC is meant to enhance the day-to-day functioning of the Centre and to support all the programs and services we offer. It is also meant to offer members of our community an opportunity to be involved in their MFRC, to share skills, ideas, and knowledge. Volunteering offers newcomers an opportunity to meet new friends and to get connected. There are also opportunities for students to volunteer and log hours toward the community involvement requirement for school.

Our volunteer opportunities are very diverse and if we don’t currently have what you want, let us know. Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. We anticipate a need for volunteers to assist with the following activities, however, the list is subject to change and additions.

Face Painting

  • As required for various Unit family events and community events
  • Requires some artistic ability. Some training offered.
  • Suitable for teens or adults

Toy Cleaners

  • Approximately 1-2 hrs per week, schedule TBA
  • Assist with weekly sanitizing of toys in the Playroom
  • Work with a team of 3-4 volunteers - Social, ‘busy hands’ work
  • Use a biodegradable, non-bleach product that is safe on hands or clothing
  • Gloves provided, if desired
  • Suitable for teens or adults

Youth Centre Assistant

  • Open Monday - Saturday evenings
  • Schedule with volunteer’s input
  • Assist staff with activities for youth 5-18 years old, 3 different age groups
  • Must be comfortable working with children and/or teens
  • Suitable for mature teens or adults

Daycare Buddies

  • Schedule to suit volunteer’s availability
  • Assist staff with activities for children 2 - 5 years
  • May involve outdoor play-time
  • Must be comfortable working with children
  • Suitable for teens or adults

Volunteer Childcare

  • Fridays from 9:00 -1:00
  • Assist staff with care of children 0-5 years
  • May involve outdoor play-time
  • Must be comfortable working with children
  • Suitable for mature teens or adults


  • Facilitate personal development program
  • Share a skill through workshops or on-going program
  • Details to be determined in an individual basis

*New programs and volunteer opportunities are being developed and details will be available at a later date.

*If we don’t have an opportunity to suit you, I may be able to help you find a community volunteer opportunity to meet your need/interest.

Volunteering in the Community

For the many opportunities to volunteer in the greater Quinte area, go to www.viq.ca or call Volunteer & Information Quinte at 613.969.8862.

For more information on this program or to register as a volunteer please contact Dawn Barr, Volunteer Coordinator:

  • (613) 392-2811 ext. 3557
  • amy.l@trentonmfrc.ca