Trenton MFRC Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Event Date: September 11, 2020
From: 12:00am - 12:00pm


Welcome! We’re so glad you decided to stop by the Trenton MFRC. Whether it’s virtual programming for the kids, mental health supports or a general inquiry - we have you covered! This virtual scavenger hunt will get you familiar with our site and will act as your ballot into our contest for the Fall Prize Package! 

Please submit your answers to Best of luck! 


  • Pick ONE question from below and record your answer

  • Email your answers to

  • In your email, please also include your name and phone number

  • Best of luck! 

Veteran Family Program 

The Veteran Family Program is a joint initiative between Veterans Affairs Canada and Military Family Services. The Veteran Family Program is a bilingual service that provides support to medically-released Veterans and their families to effectively prepare for and transition to civilian life.


  1. What are three services that the Veteran Family Program can offer its clients? 

HINT: You can find a list of services under the Veterans & Families section. 

  1. What is the Family Information Line (FIL)? 

HINT: You can find the answer under the resources tab in the Veterans & Families section. 

Deployment and Separation 

The Deployment Services Coordinator offers support, information, and resources to parents and families of regular and reserve force members who are absent from their home due to operational requirements. Some of the services offered are support groups like Community Connection and What About Me, resources and information specific to deployment, education about the deployment cycle, mail and package drop off.


  1. What are three prohibited items when mailing a package to a deployed member overseas?

    HINT: You can find these items under the Postal Information tab in the Deployment section.

  2. What are two services that the Deployment and Family Separation Program offer to adults? 

HINT: Check the adult supports tab on the Trenton MFRC website, under Deployment.