Invisible Ribbon Gala

Event Date: May 07, 2022
From: 12:00am - 12:00pm

Invisible Ribbon Gala

As Canadians, we have much to celebrate – butter tarts, universal health care, poutine, freedom, and so much more. The Trenton Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) invites the community to celebrate our great nation a little earlier with the 16th annual Invisible Ribbon Gala: CANADA on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The Trenton MFRC has launched its fundraising campaign with the theme of ‘Canada’ as a toast to military families from coast to coast.

While the COVID-19 pandemic put our community to the test, it has also shown unparalleled strength. Our healthcare workers, military members and all other frontline workers were called to step up and wrap their arms around their communities in our time of need. Whether it was assisting in long-term care facilities or helping distribute the vaccine to remote communities in the north, they answered the call to action. The leaps and bounds we’ve made as a country have only been made possible through their collective efforts. Now it’s our turn to help them and their loved ones!

Since many military families resonate with the saying, “home is where the military sends us” we felt this theme was more than fitting. The Invisible Ribbon Gala will include entertainment and a delicious meal - all with good ol’ Canuck flair. The evening will also feature a live auction, all in support of our local military families.

The Trenton MFRC has another cause for celebration – the support of our new title sponsor, Dibbits Excavating and Landscape Supply. While Dibbits may be new to this sponsorship, they are certainly not new to the cause and have been long-time supporters of military families.

The fundraising focus is something that the Trenton MFRC has made a priority that will extend beyond the Invisible Ribbon campaign. That focus is an issue that many can relate to: health care, particularly access to a primary care physician. Based on research from the Vanier Institute of Family, 27 per cent of Canadian military families reported not having a primary care provider, compared to the 15 per cent of civilians who were also in need of a provider. This staggering difference is due to the unique challenges of the military lifestyle (i.e. frequent postings). There is even the belief that military families receive health care through their CAF base - which is both untrue and a common misconception.

To offset this challenge, the MFRC has made it a goal to create sustainable health care solutions for military families. To achieve this, the Trenton MFRC has identified a short-term and a long-term approach which includes developing partnerships with health care officials and regional health agencies, as well as access to virtual care. In the short-term, the MFRC’s aim is to support military families by facilitating access to virtual health care tools that could help with their immediate health concerns.

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