Invisible Ribbon Gala

Event Date: May 11, 2019
From: 6:00pm - 11:59pm

Welcome to MFRC Airways!

Pack your bags and join the JetSetters, at the Trenton Military Family Resource Centre’s (MFRC) 15th Annual Invisible Ribbon Gala.

Your evening aboard MFRC Airways will take-off at the National Air Force Museum of Canada on Saturday, May 11, 2019 where you will enjoy an incredible night above the clouds in support of military families.

The Invisible Ribbon Gala is more than just an evening of community philanthropy. It is about raising awareness of the strength behind the uniform – the strength of military families. Military families are called upon to be resilient and steadfast when their Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member is called upon in the name of our country. The unique challenges faced by military families every day can have an impact on the operational effectiveness of a CAF member; which is why we at the Trenton MFRC are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure military families have the resources they need and the community support behind them to be resilient.

We are proud to say that, thanks to the support of community members like you and the success of last year’s Gala, we have helped military families in extenuating crisis situations when all other methods of support were exhausted. Additionally, we have enhanced our short-term counselling support, and focused on supporting children as they experience transition within their new community, school, or as a result of deployment.

This year, our goal is to expand our mental health team. Similar to a long line at the airport, waiting to board your flight to a sunnier destination, military families are facing long waitlists to access mental health care. Adding a Masters Level Counsellor to our Trenton MFRC mental health team will help shorten our waitlists for counselling as well as add couples counselling and psychotherapy to our list of services available to military families.

To help us achieve this goal, you are invited to show your support for our military families by donating an item to our auction, sponsoring the event, and attending the Invisible Ribbon Gala: JetSetters.

For more information about the Invisible Ribbon Gala and how the MFRC supports military families, please call Amy LeGresley at 613-392-2811 ext. 4635.

Thank you, on behalf of the military families of our community!

Together we are stronger!