Supporting Online Learning in Your Household (Webinar)

Date de L'événement: octobre 15, 2020
À Partir de: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Supporting Online Learning in Your Household (Webinar) 

The current educational landscape has changed dramatically as a result of COVID-19. Many families are navigating at-home learning. This is a new frontier for many of us, but thankfully there are some research-informed practices that as parents and supporters we can use to foster positive learning experiences for our children.

In this webinar event, we will be exploring these practices as well as practical tools and tips for addressing common challenges and barriers to effective remote learning. We will differentiate teaching from tutoring and offer a framework for what this can look like. We will offer insights and resources for supporting early years education through to high school. The scope of our discussions will go beyond our children’s academics to also include topics such wellbeing and resiliency through emotional-regulation. 

Watch the Webinar HERE and access the accompanying PDF HERE

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, leadership, and personal wellness in the workplace and schools. Robyne has been a part of the educational community, teaching everything from elementary school to university, for over 15 years. Robyne’s writing and research interests focus on resiliency and wellness, in her own backyard and around the world. Robyne is committed to finding real and sustainable solutions for creating positive relationships for individuals, teachers, families, and organizations. Her refreshing approach looks at resiliency from multiple vantage points with the aim of being fully accessible to everyone. Robyne lives in Central Ontario with her husband and three amazing children, and two dogs, who remind her each day that she still has a lot to learn about mostly everything! On most days Robyne runs on her love of family, historical fiction, coffee, and puppies—oh, and a clean kitchen in the morning.

Rich McPherson

Rich McPherson is a certified (former) elementary teacher, research assistant, educational multimedia developer and pre-service teacher education instructor. While he continues to work on educational related projects across the province of Ontario, Rich also works at the School of Education at Trent University as the Knowledge Mobilization Education Coordinator, which is supported by his background in videography and editing, web and print design and document formatting for accessibility. Having completed his Masters of Education work in early 2019,

Aleyah-Erin Lennon

Aleyah-Erin Lennon is a certified Ontario Teacher and has worked as both an elementary and secondary teacher both inside and outside the traditional classroom setting. She has served as an Outdoor Educator and Wilderness Canoe Guide and facilitated numerous nature-based programs. Aleyah has passion and expertise in the realm of holistic wellbeing, mental health, and trauma-informed practices in education. She has spent over 15 years working with vulnerable youth in inner city and section 23 schools, as well as addiction treatment facilities. Given her lived experiences with trauma and wellbeing issues, in 2018 Aleyah was appointed to the OSSTF Mental Health Assist where she collaborated with colleagues across the province to develop practical toolkits for classroom teachers and students. As an action-oriented, transdisciplinary academic currently completing her PhD at Carleton University, Aleyah is focussed on transformational pedagogy that centres relationship- and place-based, embodied learning as a means towards healing. Recently, Aleyah made the move to Ottawa where she continues her work as a sought-after consultant, speaker, and educator. She uses long wanders in forests, outdoor swim spots, yoga, and singing to stay sane!