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Posted On: October 26, 2018

We are a medium sized accounting firm looking for an experienced Canadian Tax expert or former CRA employee to join our growing team!

Must be proficient in Canadian Tax code, customer service, record keeping and knowledgeable of the CRA’s policies and procedures.

The position will require disseminating tax code & CRA letters to clients so strong written and verbal communication skills are required. Computer, excel and organizational and strong record keeping skills are a must. Experience with all aspects of personal taxation is a requirement.
Experience with personal taxation for self-employed individuals (business, farm, rental etc.) as well as the CRA’s review processes is a plus!

It is very important to us that our employees have great customer service, and communication skills in addition to being self-motivated.

The hourly wage for Canadian Tax expert will be based on competitive rates in the local area and adjusted to match experience level. This will be discussed at the interview level.

If you have not worked for the CRA (2+ years) or done personal taxation (4+ years) please explain in your cover letter why you feel qualified for this position.

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Employer: Quinte Business Accounting Services Inc.

Language: English

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