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Posted On: February 06, 2018

Are you a person that enjoys Puzzles that use Deductive Reasoning? Are you a Critical Thinker? If you’ve answered yes to any our questions, apply at TruckRight today!

Our TruckRight Support team uses Deductive Reasoning and Critical Thinking to help our clients and their drivers work through any concerns and problems they may have with our software; whether these problems or concerns are with the application or with the overall system.

Our interactions with our Clients and their Drivers are done through both Phone calls and Email, and you will need to be prepared to be able to work on several ongoing projects at once.  Our Clients are based in Canada and the United States, and we need to be available to them from 8 am until 6 pm Eastern Standard time. We do appreciate those with the ability to speak multiple languages so that we can fully assist our Clients and their Drivers, but it is not mandatory.

You will have the following tasks:

Answering Client and Driver calls to walk them through their problem/concern;
Respond to emails in regards to solving problems that Drivers/Clients may have;
Assist in the Setup of new TruckRight Clients;
Assist Clients in Creating/Editing documents and aspects within the system;
Walk Clients through new implementations to the TruckRight Software;
Convey Client requests to the development team clearly and concisely in regards to problems or enhancements
Be back up for D.A.D Services if they need assistance.
  We ask all that apply that they meet the following criteria:

Is a Critical Thinker and Uses Deductive Reasoning;
Is able to Multitask and work through interruptions;
Is above average on a Computer and is knowledgeable with Microsoft Office products and Adobe;
Is able to operate a Switchboard phone;
Practices good Time-Management skills;
Is able to explain the solution in a way that the client will understand;
Is calm and projects to the Client/Driver that they are always happy to assist them;
Is a great team player that can also work well independently with a strong work ethic
Brings a positive attitude and provides exceptional customer service

Job Details

Employer: TruckRightHR

Language: English

Job Skills

Work Experience:
Customer Service,

General Skills and Training:

Computer Skills:

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